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Data Submission Policy

If you want to submit your data to the platform, you need to register an account. Then you can access the submit page to submit your data and metadata table. You can follow the tutorial to submit your data.

The following is the data submission policy:


The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for submitting data to ensure its integrity, accuracy, and consistency, while maintaining privacy and security.


This policy applies to all data submitted by internal and external parties.

Submission Guidelines

  • All data should be submitted in the requested format and within the specified metadata template.

  • Data must be accurate, complete, and relevant.

  • Data sources must be appropriately referenced. If you are submitting your data to a public repository, please provide the accession number in your metadata table. We strongly recommend that you submit your data to a public repository (e.g SRA, ENA, GSA etc.) and submit the metadata table to the platform. After getting the metadata table, we will check the data and metadata table. If there is no problem, we will publish the data on the platform and announce the uploader of the data on the data page.

  • Personal and sensitive data must be anonymized or de-identified unless otherwise specified and agreed upon.

  • If you are submitting data on behalf of an organization, you must have the authority to do so.

Responsibility for Data Quality

  • The individual or entity submitting the data is responsible for its quality, and must take appropriate steps to verify accuracy and completeness.

  • The Quartet team reserves the right to review all data submissions for quality and compliance, and to reject submissions that fail to meet the established criteria or violate this policy.

  • This policy may be revised periodically based on changes in legal, ethical, or technological contexts. All changes will be communicated to the relevant parties.

  • Failure to comply with this policy may result in rejection of data, termination of data access, and potential legal action.

Note: This policy must be understood and agreed upon before submitting data. For any questions, contact the Quartet Team

Last update: 2023-06-20
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