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Submit Your Raw Omics Data

Data submission policy

The Quartet Multi-omics reference materials and raw datasets are publicly available and accessible. Researchers are encouraged to access and analyze the datasets. The recipients of the Reference Materials are highly encouraged to share their data with Fudan University through Public data warehouse (Recommended, such as SRA, ENA, GSA etc.) or the Quartet Data Portal (for analyzing your data online) in order for us to improve the reference datasets and to better serve the community.

More details on the policy can be found in the document.

How to upload and analyze your data?

For convenience, we provide a web-based data analysis platform for users to analyze their data. Users can upload their in-house omics data generated with the Quartet reference sample, select the specific pipeline and parameters, and obtain the analysis results and QC results, which can be managed by the Quartet Data Portal.

So if you only want to analyze your data with Quartet pipelines online, you can upload your data to the Quartet Data Portal. Please follow the steps:

1) Create a dataset by clicking the 'Register & Upload Your Data'

2) Get your access key and secret by clicking 'New Token' button

3) Review the data specification before uploading files

4) Upload your omics data files and metadata files

5) Verify and confirm Uploaded files by clicking 'Check' button

After you checking your data, you can choose the pipeline and parameters to analyze your data.

Tools for uploading data

OSS Utility or OSS Browser

Last update: 2023-06-20
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